Roy Cecchetti was enjoying a glass of wine with his adult daughter in his backyard when she mentioned how much she loved the beautiful Red Oak tree growing on the property. “That tree captured something special for us,” says Roy Cecchetti, a long time wine industry veteran. “It was a symbol of the beautiful moments that nature provides for us here in California. Wine is a way of capturing those moments.”

Like that symbolic tree, Redtree wines are rooted in California’s rich agricultural history and celebrate the natural beauty of the Golden State. Our winemakers combine state-of-the-art technology with Old World artisan winemaking techniques to craft premium wines that consistently over-deliver on quality.  Boldly flavored, smoothly textured, and unusually complex, Redtree wines are purposely styled to delight consumers seeking distinctive varietal character, structure and balance. They’re rich, but refined; fruit-forward, but complex; authentic, but progressive.

Meet the Makers

Redtree head winemaker Mark Rasmussen has made wine at some of California’s leading wineries for over 35 years, including O’Neill Vintners, Golden State Vintners and Sebastiani. Mark holds an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and a graduate degree in Food Science/Enology from Fresno State University.

Steven Decosta uses his foundation of chemistry and microbiology to create wines with a varietal focus of aromatics and flavors that consumers will enjoy. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Enology from California State Fresno. When Steven is not in the vineyard or production facility, you can find him traveling, cooking or reading philosophy.